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Enevate Homes

Our new website is coming soon.

In the meantime, please contact us:
01698 687 100

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About Enevate

Specialists in the field of volumetric modular construction, we design, manufacture and install innovative steel-frame buildings.

Steel framing systems are the answer to the construction needs of the 21st century.

Our unique, modular building system comprises highly engineered, structural steel frames, manufactured at our Glasgow facility from high quality grade S355 steel.

The system incorporates various thicknesses of lightweight gauge steel, lending itself to a wide range of bespoke design projects.

85% of the production process is completed in our factory, meaning that your building is strictly quality controlled. This also reduces your costs and build time onsite.

Thanks to our patented technology, we can build up to 14 self-supporting storeys, or up to 22 storeys with a concrete core.

The Enevate building system meets, and in most cases exceeds, all current design criteria, building regulations and codes for building.

Benefits of Enevate

Shorter construction timescales

Precision engineered with strict quality control

Cost-effective with no risk of budget creep

Design flexibility

Sustainable materials and processes

Improved health and safety

Less disruption on or around the site.

Examples of our work

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