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We are specialists in volumetric construction. We design, build and install bespoke, steel framing systems, for residential, education, leisure and commercial applications.

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Sunnybank Place

Residential apartments close to city centre — Edinburgh.

Princess Avenue

Detached houses and flats — Chatham, Kent.

Wood Vale

Upgrade and extension to residential flats — South London.

UAE Villa

Luxury home in an extreme climate — United Arab Emirates.

Abbey Road

Rooftop extension in a busy residential area — London.

Couper Street

Residential Smart Flats development — Edinburgh.

Luxury garden pod

Portable garden box — London.

George Street

Two floor extension to student accommodation — Glasgow.
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Latest news

Over two-thirds of Scotland’s housing associations are using sustainable construction methods

25 November 2021
Works begin at Dundee for the largest affordable modular development in Scotland.

Building a solution for sustainable construction

28 October 2021
With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) just around the corner, it’s time for all industries to reflect on their role in tackling the climate crisis. Construction has the opportunity to be a key player in this shift towards responsible solutions – with offsite modular construction presenting an eco-friendly choice for the future of building.

Woodvale – the environmental benefits of our modern methods of construction

21 October 2021
With focus on the construction industry due to the housing crisis and the sustainability of houses under scrutiny we are proud that our construction processes reduce the impact on the environment and that our buildings are sustainable

Enevate Homes to build inside historic war fort on Dymchurch seafront

14 October 2021
Enevate Homes to begin work on exciting project converting Historic War tower into a 4 storey holiday home.
We are delighted with the flat – it has exceeded our expectations!

Sunnybank Place Resident