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In this project we worked with Apex Airspace Development, who convert unused ‘airspace’ above residential, commercial and public buildings, into new homes, helping to address London’s housing shortage. One such project was a new two-bedroom rooftop extension in London’s Abbey Road.

With a proposed site in a busy residential area, onsite construction would have been extremely disruptive to neighbours. A solution was required that would use offsite construction techniques to minimise disturbance in the surrounding areas, Apex turned to us to provide modular construction expertise and assist with the build.


By delivering the new rooftop extension in separate pods, we drastically reduced delivery and installation times, minimising disruption and build timescales.

Our modular construction technology is not restricted to rigid shapes. This allows us to interpret directly from an architect’s drawing, including angles and curved features. Our builds have flexibility in length, width and height – a massive benefit to an airspace development such as this.


Working in partnership with Apex, we were able to deliver the project on time and on budget. The development consists of a two-bedroom luxury penthouse apartment built on the property rooftop.

Both bedrooms include ensuite bathrooms and dressing rooms with spacious open plan living and kitchen areas, completed to high quality specifications.

Elsewhere on the property, communal areas have also been refurbished and remodelled. Improvements were made to the building’s thermal insulation along with a facelift to the outside of the building, greatly enhancing its “kerb appeal”.

Traditional methods of construction could not have been used without the assistance of a specialist construction company like Enevate Homes. Our technology affords us the opportunity to manage the build precisely, supplying and installing the new floor in individual, self-contained units. This contemporary, cutting edge and visionary system provides quick, safe, energy-efficient and cost-effective building solutions.

Paul McIntyre, Architectural Manager, Enevate Homes.


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