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Our infill walling systems are installed within concrete or steel framed buildings. They fit into the existing external wall apertures or are used to create internal dividing walls.

The pre-assembled panels are constructed offsite. Once delivered, they are fixed between the floor and soffit of the primary structural frame.

This cost-effective building method is a popular choice across all sectors, including residential, commercial and education.

  • Reduced onsite construction time
  • Cost-effective
  • Minimal material use and no wastage
  • Safer, thanks to less handling onsite
  • Wide range of finishes available
  • Strong wind resistance
  • Excellent fire resistance
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Infill walling project
Couper Street

Couper Street

Residential Smart Flats development — Edinburgh.

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Our experienced in-house design team will explain the designs and finishing materials available, and find the right solution for your project.

Typically, the infill walling system is constructed offsite, so only the final installation takes place onsite.

If onsite assembly is required, we can provide a light gauge steel mobile system, fully fitted with roll formers. This enables a high output of steel frames onsite.

The speedy installation reduces the time until the building is weathertight.

This ‘dry’ panelling is instantly ready for cladding, eliminating any drying-out problems.

While lightweight, the steel frames and studs are strong enough to withstand significant lateral wind loads.

Quality insulation options ensure that your walling meets your requirements for thermal and acoustic insulation.

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