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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

We thrive on pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Our methods use the very latest in modern technology, leading the way in the evolution of cost-effective, high performance volumetric construction systems.

Patented assembly jig

Our patented volumetric rotating assembly jig is an excellent example of our innovation. It allows wall, floor and ceiling panels to be assembled at bench level, quickly and accurately.

Unique connector system

Another patented innovation is our connector system. This self-aligns separate modules and fixes them in place during onsite assembly. It simplifies, speeds and strengthens the installation process.

Precision engineering

The precision of our offsite manufacturing process allows us to continuously develop excellent performance for fire safety, thermal efficiency, acoustics and sustainability. It enables us to conform to, and often exceed, British and European standards.

Purpose-made lifting beam

We have developed a purpose-made lifting beam to accommodate modular buildings of all shapes and sizes. This enables us to lift and land our buildings with an even weight distribution, eliminating any risk of buckling.

Minimising our environmental impact

We strive to minimise our environmental impact. In recent years, innovations in our manufacturing processes have reduced the cost of waste sent to landfill by more than 50%.

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