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Bespoke design

Our team of architects, quantity surveyors, design engineers and MEP consultants will collaborate with you to create the perfect design for your project.

We can work from your design or start from scratch to your specifications.

As well as meeting your requirements, our design team will seek the most cost-effective solutions and ensure that statutory approvals are acquired as early as possible.

Our aim is that the finished building should look exactly as shown on the original drawings. Anyone viewing the building, internally or externally, should not be able to tell that it is a volumetric construction.

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Flexible spaces

Our precision engineering gives us the scope to construct rooms of virtually any shape and size. This includes large spans and wide structural openings.

We can stack to 14 storeys (up to 22 with a concrete core).

Each of our modules offers a clear span space of up to 15m width and infinite length. Most of the internal partitions are not load-bearing, giving you complete flexibility in the layout.

Our system incorporates various thicknesses of lightweight gauge steel, allowing us to construct any shapes and sizes. Even angles and curves are achievable.

We can serve many challenging locations, such as on or over rooftops, on gantry style support structures and in enclosed courtyards.

This flexibility continues long after the project is completed. As your needs change over time, it is simple to reconfigure your property to suit your new requirements.

Thanks to the modular nature of our builds they can be easily extended or relocated at a later date.


Faster construction

Our speedy processes allow for delivery within tight timescales and give you cost savings from reduced time onsite.

85% of our build process is completed offsite in our factory.

The controlled environment allows for strict quality management, thereby reducing delays for rework, which are so common in onsite builds.

We remove the risk of weather delays and the problems caused by late deliveries onto your site. All deliveries are to our factory and we have an experienced supply chain to ensure timely provision of materials and manpower.

Over the years, our construction processes have been standardised and simplified to further reduce turnaround times.

For example, a basic frame for five modules will be completed in a week.

While we are manufacturing the building, preparation work can continue onsite. Once your building is delivered, assembly takes a matter of days.

This leads to earlier building occupancy and overall 30-50% less time required than traditional builds.


Lower costs and quicker ROI

The fast construction and installation method for our modular buildings saves you time and money.

Thanks to our rigorous design process, your project will be delivered with a guaranteed certainty of cost.

Depending on the specification, you should expect a saving of 10% to 35% when compared to traditional builds.

The shorter timescales also enable you to see the return on your investment much faster.

The durability of steel will continue to give you cost savings throughout the lifetime of your property.

Plus, the flexibility of our construction methods enable you to extend or refurbish the building at relatively low cost.

Strong and durable steel

Our modular steel constructions are up to 74% lighter than traditional build properties.

Despite this they are impressively strong. Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material, 25 times greater than wood.

This gives steel the ability to withstand high winds and earthquakes.

The lighter weight translates to reduced costs in creating foundations and the ability to add other materials to the build with less concern about the completed building weight.

Steel is a strong, durable, corrosion resistant material, impervious to termites, cracking and rot. It requires less maintenance than other building materials.

Steel buildings have a design life of 60 years. Even when the finish of your building starts to deteriorate with age, you can strip it back to the steel frame and refurbish to give it a new lease of life, without the expense of a rebuild.

The life expectancy of a steel infrastructure is 200 years. Your building will continue to perform throughout your lifetime and for generations to come.

Thermal insulation

Production within our controlled factory environment allows for far stricter joint tolerances, giving you a highly air-tight building.

We achieve up to 78% greater airtightness than building standards require.

Our panel construction is uniquely well insulated, providing continuity of insulation across the building envelope.

As a result, our frames are 85% more thermally efficient than traditional builds (with a U Value between 0.19 and 0.11).

Each completed module achieves a U Value of 0.21.

Heating bills and condensation are both reduced, benefiting the occupants and the wider environment.


Acoustic insulation

The double layer construction of our modules can dramatically improve acoustic insulation, compared to traditional building methods.

The airborne sound insulation (floor to ceiling) is improved by up to 50%. With minimal loss of space, this reduces:

  • Flanking transmission
  • Mass-air-mass resonance
  • Structural transmission
  • Direct sound transmission

The sound insulation through walls is also improved by 32%, exceeding regulatory requirements for both conversions and new builds.


Fire resistance

Steel frames are inherently fire resistant. Steel will retain its structural integrity for a prolonged period, even when exposed to high temperatures. No toxic fumes are released when steel burns.

The double layer construction of the walls, floor and ceiling give each module a fire resistance in excess of 60 minutes.

All our buildings meet Building Regulations, Checkmate, NHBC and BS476 standards, in relation to fire resistance.


Sustainable materials and processes

We are committed to building in the most environmentally friendly way feasible.

It takes 67% less energy to manufacture a modular building than traditional construction methods. And we produce up to 70% fewer CO2 emissions.

Over the lifetime of each building, the energy savings are up to 90% greater, thanks to the highly insulated nature of our properties.

Our core material, steel, is 100% recyclable and does not emit toxic fumes during construction or in the event of a fire.

This also minimises waste as any offcuts are recycled. We have a wastage rate of 1%.

If the building is no longer required it can be relocated, whole or as separate components, for re-use.

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Quality controlled precision engineering

We will ensure strict quality control procedures throughout every stage of your project.

Around 85% of your build will be carried out in our factory. This controlled environment allows us to precision engineer each element of your project to within strict tolerances (up to 1mm per structural storey height).

This reduces the risk of variations and defects, and makes quality checks much easier to carry out. We encourage our clients and their representatives to visit and make their own inspections.

Structural, durability, acoustic, thermal and fire checks can all be carried out in advance of delivery.

Everything is constructed to meet or exceed local and national building codes. Your project will be delivered ready to pass final onsite inspections.

We are meticulous in our attention to detail. This means that, when we reach final assembly onsite, everything is as you expect. For example, there is no need for ‘guesstimating’ soft joints to outer leaf fixtures. This both simplifies and speeds the onsite completion.


Professional service

We have a long standing commitment to supply the best possible service to our clients.

When you work with us you should expect a prompt, professional and courteous service.

Our team have a can-do attitude and are dedicated to the speedy production of high quality products.

We also understand the importance of communication throughout your project and we will liaise with you closely at every stage.

Improved health and safety

Health and safety is a key consideration in construction industries.

By completing 85% of the build offsite in our factory setting, we will greatly reduce your health and safety risks.

As all modules are constructed on the factory floor (rather than highrise onsite) it allows all trades to move freely and safely through the buildings.

The factory environment also gives our workforce a consistent experience, so they quickly learn the risks and safety measures required. It also makes it easier for supervisors to monitor that safety measures are adhered to.


Minimal disruption onsite

Compared to traditional building methods, there is much less disruption to the area surrounding the site.

Because most of the construction work is carried out offsite, this reduces onsite noise, dust and light pollution.

You won’t need to account for as much parking space; the majority of construction related traffic will be coming to our factory, not your site.

The traffic caused by construction projects is also minimised. The Building Research Establishment estimates that site traffic is reduced by up to 70% when compared to traditional building methods.

The significantly shorter timescales also mean that the disruption to any local residents and businesses is kept to a minimum. Major installation works can be limited to weekends.