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The UAE Villa was created out of 21 modules and covers an area of 372m2. In the heart of the Emirates, temperatures soar to over 50°C, with an annual temperature shift of 45°C. Designing modules to withstand these temperatures was a challenge we relished.

The villa was designed by one of the top architects in the world, specifically for our volumetric system. Our modular system was the perfect solution for the requirements:

  • High performance in tough climatic conditions.
  • Tight tolerances.
  • Quality solution at a competitive price.
  • Future proof construction methods.


The four-bedroom villa, with separate garage, was built to a tight tolerance of just 1mm and to very demanding standards.

One of the key factors of the build was how to manage, or remove completely, the risk of humidity-based fabric decay.

We clad the external surfaces in pre-constructed LGS panels. The finish was a high-performing cement render which would withstand the extreme heat, while giving the specified aesthetic appearance.

The modules left our factory 85% complete, so minimum labour is required and the time spent on site is more than halved.


The advantages of the volumetric system were really shown through this project. While the foundations were being created in the UAE, construction of the modules was well underway, saving a lot of time over the whole project.


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