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Welder / Fabricator


About us

Enevate Homes create steel framing systems and believe they are the answer to the construction needs of the 21st century.  Our unique, modular building systems comprise of highly engineered, structural steel frames, manufactured at our Glasgow facility from high quality grade S355 steel.

The system incorporates various thicknesses of lightweight gauge steel, lending itself to a wide range of bespoke design projects.  85% of the production process is completed in our factory, meaning that the building is strictly quality controlled.  This also reduces costs and build time on site.

Our galvanised, lightweight steel frames are manufactured from sheet steel using conventional cold or hot rolled extrusion methods, to form the structural module profile.

The role


You will work in our factory setting and be be responsible for dressing, cutting, setting out and welding together the individual components that form the structural elements of the modular building. The individual should be able to read technical drawings and perform the duties and tasks associated with Mig welding such as vertical, flat, and overhead welds.

Responsibilities include:

•            Welding Fabrication involves setting out rotating jig, cutting, fitting, measuring, and welding metals to create the desired shape or object (in most cases, a modular unit)

•            Welding and setting out all parts of the structural steel frames as per the drawings

•            Dimensional checks using laser levels, lasers distance measures and tapes.